chaingeFusion Network, Chainge DeFi 2021 AMA with Dejun (DJ) Qian


Thank you for coming on, would you please tell us a bit about yourselves and a short description about your project FUSION.?

DJ Qian:
Thank you for the invitation and I am really glad to be here speaking with the community together with you.
My name is DJ Qian. Unfortunately, I have been in this industry for over 8 years. Those who joined this industry around the same time as me has ether bankrupted or is out of this industry with billions. But I am still here. Haha
But what makes me happy is that the projects I founded has been greatly developed during this years.
No matter QTUM, VeChain, or the project we are focusing on today, Fusion, we are steadily approaching the first massive adoption of blockchain technology.

Fusion, the projected I founded late 2017, early 2018 is specifically designed for digital finance. I believe most of the audience probably has heard about “Defi”, which is definitely the super start in 2020 and even 2021. But I bet barely anyone of you knows that Fusion started to build using this concept early 2018. At that time, we called it “crypto finance”. If anyone is interested, Fusion white paper is a good document for you to understand we have been building the infrastructure for “crypto finance” 3 years ago and a lot of amazing technology regarding this has been developed

For example, from our understanding, the biggest challenge in Finance is that all financial systems are silo systems, and the same situation is happening again in blockchain. We need a once for all solution to solve this problem. So DCRM technology was invented. It was built in encryption layer to solve the cross chain, cross organization and cross boarder problem. And it is the only technology live out there serving as a decentralized cross chain solution. This technology was also introduced in European Central Bank digital currency report. And currently, the projects like Anyswap, Fantom, are using this tech.

Meanwhile, as the next generation of crypto finance infrastructure, Fusion invented another amazing technology: Time Slices. It could be used to generate any kind of derivatives easily. No matter bond, futures, factorings, bank acceptances…. And the most amazing part is that in conventional finance industry, all of those derivatives needs a centralized institution to endorse and settle when time is in place, but on Fusion, with Time Slices technology, the settlement is endorsed executed in decentralized way, which means there is no default risk regarding those financial derivatives.

Furthermore, in order to mitigate the counter-party risk in transactions. Fusion has invented technology of “Quantum Swap” technology. With this technology, any peer to peer transactions could be executed without any risk. With this technology, you are able to exchange a group of assets into another group of assets without having to know your counter-party.


I have researched your project and will come out with “HEAVY ARTILLERY” right away and try and poke as many holes in your project FUSION as I can. Lets do this

1.) Lets talk about the FUSION Ecosystem. You have the FUSION Blockchain, Anyswap DEX and Chainge app, what challenges are you overcoming at the moment to really get some traction and grow?

DJ Qian: To be honest, the biggest challenge for us is the awareness.
If I may, I want to ask, do you know on Fusion Anyswap is the first and the only live cross chain DEX?
Do you know Fusion is one of the most decentralized blockchain in the world? We have hundreds of nodes running and supporting Fusion.
Do you know on Fusion, we are compatible with all smart contracts which is designed on top of Ethereum, but the transaction fee is much much lower than on Ethereum? Like 0.00002 USD per transaction?
Do you know Fusion’s cross chain tech DCRM is used in Anyswap, Fantom, and mentioned and recommended by European Central Bank?
I believe most of you probably don’t know about it.
But the bright side is along with the project Chainge, we have
more and more ppl knowing about Fusion.
Currently, we have more than 610K users signed up and joined the waiting list. A lot of them are earning free CHNG tokens and enjoying extremely high APY of USDT and BTC at Chainge. We are expecting close to 1 million users signed up by the end of March.


2.) Could you tell us a bit about Andre Cronje, what role he played, plays in this project and what will be his future input in Fusion?

DJ Qian: It was really a very interesting story how I met and got to know Andre Cronje. All started from the Fusion ICO early 2018. He was obsessed with the way how fusion used a smart contract to do the ICO. If anyone that was in this market early 2018, you must know that Fusion ICO at that time was the most perfect one. No gas war, IPO simulation with just 5 hundred lines of code. Ppl got into it by proportion of the ETH they sent to the smart contract. And the amount over the cap were sent back to contributors automatically… I could say, it’s exactly “DeFi”. And you would be amazed we did it nicely. I believe that’s the reason why Andre was into project Fusion.
And steadily, we got Andre to be lead of technology innovation in Fusion. And he was leading the innovation for fusion for quite a long period of time.
Even today, Andre and me, we two are in very good relationship. We speak quite often. And recently we were preparing the cooperation in Fusion DCRM technology. That’s why you see his posts about Anyswap using DCRM. And we absolutely will have some cooperation in Chainge together with his projects like… to make “Defi” a tool which everyone in mass market could use.


3.) DCRM tech is the heart of Fusion, is it just a fancy gimmick, or are we talking about a game changer? Please explain it to us what is so special about this tech?

DJ Qian: DCRM is fancy, but it is not a fancy gimmick. It is absolutely a game changer. With this technology, it’s the first time in human being’s history we could realize decentralized custody. And the custody is only controlled and ruled by codes.
And with this technology, you could have your digital assets to interact with any chains, any databases, any financial system.
And since it’s built on encryption layer, which is the infrastructure of blockchain and even the infrastructure of communication between financial systems, DCRM is universal to any blockchains and financial systems.

Most of you might have heard about “wrapped in” tokens, which is quite popular in today’s “Defi” ecosystem, like WBTC etc. As a matter of fact, you are having your real assets controlled by centralized institution and they issue a token to you to represent the real assets. And I believe you all are worried it is not secure.
With DCRM, the “wrapped in” tokens will be as secure as original coins.

CJ :
4.) Some of your tech is patented, What exactly is patented? Aside from the legal side, how else does it add value to Fusion ecosystem?

DJ Qian: Yes, we filed the patents in order to prevent the situation that someone others files and stop us from using it.
As you could see, fusion is one of the most open community. We opened all our source code from day 1. For core tech DCRM, we started to open source it Dec 2018. For the time slice, and quantum swap tech, they are also open sourced in fusion public blockchain code.
We embrace the open source community and keep building and contributing to blockchain industry to make it better.
In return, when we see the techs more and more used, community will feel Fusion might be the only tailored blockchains the infrastructure of digital finance. And it will attract more and more ppl to build on fusion as well.


5.) How many developers do you have actively building on FUSION? And why would they build on FUSION as oppose to other blockchains?

We had 28 full time developers in 2018 and 2019 when we were building public blockchain. After main net was released in June 2019, we shifted our focus on

  1. Enhance DCRM
  2. Time Slice token integrated with smart contract
  3. Decentralized Oracle. So now we have around 15 full time developers. But we have around 500
    part time registered developers in the entire fusion community.


6.) All that you have mentioned so far sounds, great, If I were to ask: what problem are you solving and is 8000 other projects already have not solved? What would be your short and sweet answer?

DJ Qian:

In short:

1. Cross Chain for decentralized custody, connecting to 98% public blockchains out there. And even connecting conventional financial database in the future
2. Time value extraction from tokens or coins
3. Decentralized 0 risk peer to peer transaction


7.) You have over 600k people on the waiting list to use Chainge app due to launch in March. First off all, that is amazing, how did you manage to get that large of a user base even before launch? And tell us about what you expect and are planning to come of this?

DJ Qian: To be honest, the number of ppl in Chainge waiting list so far surprised me.
From the very beginning, I planned to attract 100K by the time we release the app.
And I was surprised to see 50K in first week. Then we adjusted the target to expect 150K by Jan, 300K by Feb and 500K by March.
Now I am really glad to see the vision of Chainge is recognized by the entire market and excited to see about 600K users in waiting list waiting for the release of Chainge app. We will keep delivering the best quality product to the users and make themselves to be a self bank.
Meanwhile, I think the strategy Chainge used is quite interesting as well. We called it IIPO. Initial Influential Power Offering.
We introduced a token CHNG, which we don’t allocate any portion to team or company. All distributed free to the community. And the most interesting thing is that community members could earn CHNG as hard as they can to gain more CHNGs. The more influential power you have, the more CHNG you could earn.
And Chainge company will buy CHNG in market and burn with its 25% profit. So it definitely is treating community members and CHNG holders as virtual shareholders. But you don’t need to invest a penny. Just invest yourself.


8.) It’s based on DCRM technology, its decentralised, cross-chain swap protocol, the most notable feature being its compatibility with Fusion, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Fantom. So definitely a cross chain.
Sounds fantastic, however how much demand is there for your DCRM protocol? Is it growing?

DJ Qian: As you mentioned, there are more and more projects need decentralized cross chain solution, especially in today’s Defi market.
I believe the market is HUGE.
However, the biggest challenge today is still the UX. We need to make it working in stealth mode. I am envision a world that users don’t know they are using DCRM when they are using it.
And Chainge is exactly the app focusing on it and integrating DCRM

9.) Do you think ANYSWAP could ever become as popular as Uniswap? Is that a goal you are actively pursuing?

DJ Qian: Absolutely. To some extent, Anyswap equals Uniswap plus DCRM cross chain.
Why not use a cross chain Dex if uniswap is just a dex on Ethereum?


10.) Fusion technology is one of the most sophisticate systems in the crypto market.
At least that is what you claim.
How much traction does your tech have? Are people, or company’s using it?
Where are you in terms of adoption now? What are the challenges? and what is the next milestone?

DJ Qian: Unfortunately, comparing to Ethereum, or even BSC, or Heco, we don’t have much traction yet.
But it’s where the chances are. When we see there are potentially 600K or even more people are starting to use it. I believe it’s the beginning of the price self discovery.

11.) What would make me want to invest in Fusion rather than simply hold Bitcoin? Why would I want to buy the FUSION token? What necessity or benefit or incentive is there?

DJ Qian: First of all, I have to tell you, there are more than 600K users going to buy FSN very soon. Because if they want to trade CHNG, they need FSN as gas. What will you do now?
And as far as I know, FSN staking is going to halve this July.
Chainge app and Anyswap app is going to have further cooperation with Andre’s projects.


12.) On the tech side, you seem to be very solid with unique solutions and all round ecosystem to cover all angles. However, Marketing plays a big part, you have done a great job with the app, on-boarding 600k users, but what other marketing related plan do you have to get real world adoption for Fusion and Anyswap. It is a very competitive world out there.

DJ Qian: Totally agree.
Guerrilla marketing campaign is really effective for Fusion.
But on top of everything, we need a killer app. Chainge! Good product speaks for itself


13.) A year in crypto is a very long time.
What short term milestones do you plan to achieve and here do you see FUSION a year from now?

DJ Qian:1 million users, 2 million users, 3 million users.
Technology wise, TL token supported in smart contract which means any kind of financial instruments could be realized easily on fusion. DCRM with faster algo.


Ok final question. :
14. ) what other exchanges are you planning to be listen on and when? Any plance for Biannce or Coimbase? Or Sushi and Uniswap?

DJ Qian: We are waiting for Binance and Coinbase.


DJ Thank you very much for coming on an explaining the full scope of the fusion tech, where you are right now and future goals. It is very much appreciated, I am sure the Fusion community will be very happy to hear everything you had to say. Maybe we can catch up in a few months time?


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